Brugge Brasserie 
Fresh, handcrafted Belgian style ales and Continental lagers, homemade sodas and a full food menu of Belgian house specialties in a relaxed, family-friendly European gastro-pub atmosphere.



This is by no means an official website for the Brugge Brasserie. I provide this information to encourage viewers to visit the Brugge Brasserie. Many of the reviews of the Brugge Brasserie have failed to mention that the Brugge Brasserie  is also a BREW pub, a Microbrewery - producing fine Belgian style beer. Indy is filled with fans of the Belgian styles. We seek them - When word gets out that a Belgian brew is being served at an Indiana establishment, we head that way! Now it's convenient, we just head to the "Brugge" in Broad Ripple.

Brugge Brasserie Official Website now at


Editors note - No, I haven't had all the beers and all the food yet! Will update with time. Love the Carbonnade Flamande and the Cru. My children enjoy the Frites.




1011 A E. Westfield Blvd.

Indianapolis, Indiana






11:00 AM- 12:30 AM

Friday& Saturday

11:00 AM- 1:30 AM

Closed on Sundays





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 Crepes, Moules & Frites,  Mitraillettes, Stews, Sausages, and ......Specials appear frequently - Braised Rabbit, Duck, Halibut, Crab all with many sauces, salads and deserts.


Basic Summary:


Wheelchair accessible, kid friendly, smoking throughout, moderately priced, Gastropub with outdoor seating providing a full food and liquor/beverage menu, with carryout, accepting-MasterCard, Visa, Dinners Club, Discover and American Express and providing house-brewed Belgian ales.


Owners: Ted and Shannon Miller,  Abraham Benrubi,  Eli Schloss, Charlie Midgley and Renee Stoltz.


History -Opened April 22, 2005

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“Close to the region where the Champagne grapes grow, the land is also golden with barley; France begins to sound Flemish, and blends into Belgium; the wine nations yield to the beer lands…….the respect and the ceremony that other nations reserve for wine, the Belgians also accord, with a special flourish, to beer.”- Michael Jackson


There are many diverse types of Belgian beer. Over 450 varieties!  They come from many different regions of this small country and  have a wide spectrum of tastes, colors and flavors - sour, tart spicy, fruity, sweet ...etc.

 General Belgian Beer Styles

Wit-"white" wheat beers, light, cloudy, spiced. and occasionally some citrus. Orange peel, coriander. Refreshing and crisp.
Saison - "season" beer. Usually summer. "farmhouse ale".  Wide variety of strengths, color and flavor, but usually refreshing, fruity, creamy and more hopped.-
Brown Ales - More complex taste from use of different malts. Pair with the Carbonade Flamande. Malty little hop presences.
Red Ale -lighter less malty and less sweet than the related Browns. 
Lambics- A unique type of beer. Spontaneous and open fermented and well aged. Wine like and tart. Their excellence is appreciated after repeated experience-an acquired taste.
    Fruit Lambics-Cherries, berries, whole fruit etc added to the fermentation process . The kriek (cherries) and framboise (raspberries) pairs with deserts of chocolate.
    Gueuze- Blended Lambics. old and new, sour and sweet wide variety. Steamed Mussels from Gueuze the  Best!
    Faro - Sweetened Lambics. Candi sugar added.
Abby Ales - Top fermented ales fruity and strong. Old Monastic traditions. Much variety.
    Blondes-lighter color, lower alcohol.
    Doubles-Darker color, sweeter, stronger.
    Triples-Stronger, golden bronze color.
Trappist Ales-Made by monasteries of the Trappist order in Belgium (1 in the Netherlands) Wide variety of taste but usually strong, fruity, aromatic and a dry finish.

The Beer - Brugge Brasserie provides a full range of the classic Belgian styles. The selection of fresh, handcrafted beers wanders through Wallonia, floats and detours to Deutschland. Each brew served in its “absolutely appropriate glassware.”. Ask your server what brews are on tap.


“Of the gifts offered to us by heaven and earth, is born, by the grace of St. Arnold and human knowledge, the Divine Juice of Barley.”



Brugge Beers




 The Tap Handles
Manager, Kelly O'Hara has a very talented artistic brother. Brendan, who gave them to us as a gift.
"I can't very well explain each tap in this sort of forum, but if you come in I will go over each" - Ted Miller


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